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Presentation of COJI

The C.O.J.I. is an association, which, in the development of its objectives, seeks the social integration of the Island Youth in the European entity and the sensitisation of the Youth in the field of the associative life, of the solidarity, of the mutual respect and of the citizenship, as well as the development of the purest spirit of the fair play in the field of the sports exchanges

On the other hand, it is the interest of the C.O.J.I. to promote the sport within the European island Youth, as factor of integration and social cohesion, to favour the exchanges and the dynamic collaboration between the islands which allow the development of the studies and the projects of cooperation between cities and regions.

It is necessary to underline also, to transform the " Games of Islands " into a sporting event with international character, which develops the Olympic spirit between the Youth, the fundamental principles of the "clean Game" and the capacity of the organization of technical perfection program, technical training and the protection of the sportsmen of the island peripheral regions.

The objective is to contribute to the economic, technical and social exchanges of these regions as well as to collaborate with the bodies of management of the sport, in the international domain, in the promotion of the Olympic ideals and the education, in the respect for the principles of the sports practice and for its technical development, all this contributing to the broadcasting of the Olympic ideals and to the preparation of the future island sportsmen for their integration in the Olympic selections.