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Events of the day :

  • General Meeting of the COJI: As planned, CROS of Corsica welcomed the 23rd of February, at the Convention Centre of Ajaccio, the members of the COJI, gathered together in General Meeting. Previously, the Management and the technical committee have met the Local Organization Committee  CORSICA 2007  in order to study the different focus of organization like Competition, Communication, Medical cover, Security and Logistic. The General Meeting was the opportunity to extend a little bit more again the island family. Indeed the islands of Cyprus, Haiti and French Polynesia have joined officially the COJI, which counts to date 22 islands. Moreover, the future of the COJI. has been tackled with a project of rapprochement toward others International Sport Association like the GAISF (General Association of International Sport Federations) and the IASC (International Association of Sport and Culture). But one of the most important topic of this General Meeting is the announce of  the sponsoring by UNESCO given to the COJI and to  CORSICA 2007  for its objectives which are in keeping with the program  The Decade for Education for Sustainable Development . A great thankfulness for the COJI.

  • The COJI : Head for the Pacific : After Haiti and Cyprus, the French Polynesia has confirmed its coming to the XIe Islands Games  CORSICA 2007 . The French Polynesia will participate in Basket-ball, Hand-ball and Volley-ball. Eric TUAHINE, representing Mr Clarenntz VERNAUDON, Polynesian Minister for Youth and Sport,  will attend the General Meeting of COJI the 23rd of February, to officialize  the adhesion of the French Polynesia.

  • F.I. Game of bowls: During the National Congress of the French Federation Game of bowls, the national responsables met Pierre SANTONI, the President of  Corsica CROS and  COJI, to speak about the next edition of the  Islands Games "Corsica 2007. Mr. Claude AZEMA, the President of the Frenchand  International Federation  of Game of bowls confirmed his interest for this high level competition. It also added that the " Islands Games" were going to take part of the French Federation priority. In addition, Mr. Victor NATAF, the National Technical Director of the French Federation confirmed his presence in Corsica, during the Games.


  • I.S.C.A: Mr. Jean-Claude ARNAUD, Member of the Executive Committee of the International Sport and Culture Association and also, Vice President National of the USEP (Sporting Union of the Primary Education Teaching ), were received by the President SANTONI, Friday January 12th, at the head office of the COJI, in Ajaccio. During this meeting, were first evoked,  the activity of the two organizations and then, a future collaboration between the COJI and the ISCA.


  • Haiti : The island of Haiti confirms its participation in the Islands Games "Corsica 2007" in Athletics, Judo and Football and will become, soon, a new member of the COJI. A good news for the great family of the insular sport represented within the Organization Committee of the Islands Games.

  • "Candiletta": "It's my name. I took my first steps in the streets of  Ajaccio. I am the mascot of the Islands Games "Corsica 2007".



  • The Island of CRETE has just confirmed its participation at the Islands Games "Corsica 2007". Another good news for the COJI with the twentieth island engaged for this 11th Games Edition.

  • CYPRUS at the Games 2007: a good and great news for the COJI. A youth Cypriot sporting delegation will attend to the next Islands Games "Corsica 2007"

  • Technical persons: In order to create a coordination and information structure relating to the competition of the Islands Games, it was asked each active and associated member of COJI, to nominate a qualified person, in charge of the reception of information relating to the regulation and the systems of competition of the Games. This person will have to inform the regional sporting federations and/or the people charged to organize selections on all the technical aspects of the competition of the Games.

  • Meeting COJI - COL "Corsica 2007": Thursday November 2nd, 2006, upstream of the General meeting, the Technical Commission of the COJI met with the Local Organizing Committee "Corsica 2007" in order to give a progress report on the organization of the Games, in particular on the general program, sites of competition, transport and the communication.

  • The Island of CYPRUS future member of the COJI : Mrs. Ricos Theoharides and Costas Solomou, respectively Vice president and Person in charge for the sporting infrastructures of the Sporting Organization of Cyprus (C.S.O), were invited to take part in the General meeting of the COJI, November 3rd, 2006 in order to foresee the possibilities of a participation of Cypriot sporting youth in the next  Islands games "Corsica 2007" as well as future adhesion in the COJI.

  • The General meeting of the COJI took place Friday November 3rd, 2006, in Ajaccio (Corsica), during which  were treated, amongst other things, the sporting assessment of the Islands Games  "Sicily 2006" as well as the  official presentation of the 11th edition of the Islands Games which will be held in Corsica, from the 21st  to the 26th of May, 2007.

  • The Technical Commission of COJI will meet on July 7th and 8th 2006, in Ajaccio, in order to carry out an assessment of the edition "Sicily 2006" and to provide the foundations of the future organization of the Islands Games "Corsica 2007".

  • Korcula and Elba : during the General meeting of   which took place in Palermo, in prelude of the 10th edition of the Islands Games "Sicily 2006", these two islands became members of the great family of the COJI which currently counts 19 members

  • The Canary Islands win the 10th edition of the Islands Games, which have just been held in Sicily, in Palermo and Syracuse. They respectively precede Sardinia, second, and Sicily third.

  • The President of the Olympic National Committee of CROATIA, Mr. Zlatko Matesa, went in Ajaccio, on April 19th and 20th, in the head-office of the COJI,  to meet his President, Pierre Santoni, in order to foresee a future adhesion with the COJI of the island of Korcula and his participation in the next Islands Games "Sicily 2006".

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  • Corsica takes down the organization of the "Islands Games 2007". Indeed, the Executive Committee of the COJI, on February 24th 2006, in Ajaccio, decided to allot the 11th edition of this international insular competition to Corsica.

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